Submission Guidelines

A - Submission

  • The text of the paper ordinarily be in 3,000 to 6,000 words ( Roman style). English spellings according to Oxford Dictionary should be used while writing the paper.
  • All tables and figures should bear consistency in their presentation. Source of data must be mentioned in the case of tables.
  • The author/s are required to provide a declaration that ‘the paper is original, and will not be submitted elsewhere unless not accepted by the VLMS. 
  • Author/s alone are responsible for the content and ideas expressed in the paper. In no case the VLMS will come in any kind of controversy.
  • A soft copy on MS format is to be made available to VLMS.

B- Abstract

  • An abstract in about 100 to 150 words as a single paragraph in italic form must accompany the paper.
  • It should state the objective, scope (theme, study area and time frame), methodology, main findings and the derived message of the paper.
  • It is not to include any information or idea, which has not been discussed in the main text. 

C - Reference Style
  • All references are to be placed at the end of the main text script. Within the text, these should be referred to in a bracket, as follows: (author/s, year, p. or pp.)
  • The referencing style as illustrated below should be strictly followed:

(i) An article published in a journal

Imam, Mohammad Hasan.2004: Healthcare-practice and perception of future mothers, Man & Development, 26(4), 23-34

(ii) An article published in an edited book

Press Desai, Meghnad. 2002: Defining a new vision for South Asia. In Khadija Haq (Ed), The South Asian Challenge, Oxford: University

(iii) An article published in a book by more than one author

Chandra, Bipin, Mridula Mukherjee and Aditya Mukherjee.1999: India after Independence, New Delhi: Vicking

(iv) A Book

Laws, Sophie.2003: Research for Development, New Delhi: Vistaar Publications.

(v) Government Publication

Census of India. 2001. India Administrative Atlas: 1872-2001, New Delhi: Registrar General & Census Commissioner

(vi) Publication of an organisation

World Bank.2005.World Development Report, A Better Investment Climate for Every One, New York: Oxford University Press.

D - Endnotes

Acknowledgements, Notes ( if any) and References should be placed at the end of the text, in the order listed here.


Review: We receive number of research articles for every edition but after screening we publish maximum 25 articles in each edition. We have a refereed team for review. After approval of refereed team we request for filling the copyright and deposition of the publication fee as per the journal.

Publication and Copy: We publish the journal as hard copy and provide one copy to the contributor.

Recognition: We have ISSN for the journal. We have referred team for review. We fulfill all the requirements but advise to the contributors that they must agree with our terms and before submission must clear all their doubts, if any. After submission publisher shall not be answerable/responsible for any misunderstanding. 

Cancellation of paper: We can cancel an article/research paper at any time before publication if the article is found incorrect or doubtful. The articles received after due date automatically shift for next edition. We advice you to make sure that the article is original and not published anywhere else. After due date received articles automatically shifts for next edition. 

Publication Fee

1- International Journal of Development Studies and Research

Rs. 2000/- & USD 55

2- Vidya Vimarsha

Rs. 1800/- & USD 50

3- Society and Politics

Rs, 1800/- & USD 50

4- Global Journal for Legal Studies

Rs. 2000/- & USD 55

5- Journal of Social Science and Linguistics

Rs.1800/- & USD 50

6- Uttar Pradesh Journal of Social Science Research

Rs. 1800/- & USD 50

7- SPT Journal of Academicians

Rs. 1800/- & USD 50

Publication & Subscription fee should be made in the favour of VL Media Solutions, Delhi. 

Note: (10 year subscribers are free from fee deposition)

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