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Publisher VL Media Solutions
ISBN-10 9380820909
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Number of Pages 275 Pages
Publication Year 2015
Language English
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Naadi Astrology Predictive Rules (English) (Paperback) Price: Rs. 350

This book is not just another book on Astrology. Where there is a prediction there is science. Astrology has shown over the last three-four thousand years that future of an individual could be predicted. Several empirical rules were perceived and integrated into methods to achieve prediction. In science one comes across several predictive models to accurately predict the behaviour of a system like Finite Element Analysis, Response Surface Methodology, Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Network Analysis. All these methods are backed by sound mathematics which uses the data from the variables to come up with a predictive equation which quantifies the behaviour of a system under consideration. However, the problems dealt with are not as complex as one involving in a human being. For that, we have only Astrology which does it through time tested empirical correlations and rules. The longitudes of the planets, Sun, Moon and the nodes (North Node or Rahu or Dragon?s Head and South Node or Ketu or Dragon?s Tail), their relative positions with respect to earth and their empirically attributed nature are the salient contributors to the methods involved in predictions. In the absence of any scientific explanation for the effects involved, which probably is not possible with our understanding of contemporary Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Astrology, cannot definitely be called a non-science. Within the Indian system itself, there are several methods of predictions. One such method is the Naadi system of prediction. 8 Rules of Naadi Astrology The rules of Naadi system are highly logical following an analytical approach where the conclusions can be arrived from a one-to-one cause and effect approach. What is unique in this system is that a basic chart is just sufficient to predict with accurate positioning of the planets placed in the correct order in each and every sign. Ascendant or lagna is not that important in this method. Although the planets are always in a state of motion, the disposition of planets in a particular day or in a period of time during which there is no positional change, then the predictions should be more or less the same. However, Naadi does not talk about the finer variations in a population of people born in a single day. The author is of the opinion that even Ascendant or Lagna cannot explain that variation. Such finer variation can come from only the difference in the Genetic make-up of the people born and the Environment in which they grow, rather than from the difference in the Ascendant. The concept that people born within a same configuration of planets will have more or less the same effect, is quite logical and scientific. No particular Naadi system is followed in this book. salient features of Bhrigu - Nandi, Naadi system explained by Prof. R.G. Rao, Satyanarayana Naik along with principles from Sapta-Rishi Naadi, Sukra Naadi and other related Naadi texts in Tamil. However, these books do not explain most of these extensive and finer rules clearly. Many Naadi books are quite cryptic in disseminating these rules. These rules are kept as ?closely guarded secrets? in these texts. The author?s main objective to write this book is to explicitly bring out these important rules, which should enable a large number of people to understand and believe in Naadi astrology. Such an approach, in due course would also enable somebody to write a prediction program involving the rules of Naadi system of Astrology. The author is of the firm opinion that only Naadi system of Astrology can predict even complex horoscopes, because of its logical and mathematical format of predicting through various combinations and planetary transits. This book by the author categorically discusses such complex cases besides clearly explaining the rules of prediction with respect to a large number of horoscopes. The author has brought Rules of Naadi Astrology 9 all the salient features of this Naadi system in this book in a way he has studied it and understood it, which he had done or doing for the past 43 years. The author undertook this exercise with a firm conviction that, telling all the truth in the form of rules, only, can enhance the credibility and acceptability of Astrology among Scientists and Common man alike. This world will soon come to Accept and appreciate Astrology as Contemporary Physics appears to be moving towards that direction. Subjects like string theories, dark energy and lensing effects clearly point to the relation and interaction between all forms of matter and energy. Progression of planets in prediction, the effect of planets in retrogression and in exchange are explained through examples clearly. The author can proudly mention that no book on Naadi Astrology has explained most of the rules of Retrogression and Exchange which are very crucial for predicting events in one?s life. About 215 horoscopes are discussed dealing with, various aspects of an individual like father, mother, brothers, sisters, wife, children, profession, prosperity, health, finance, affluence, fame, sufferings, diseases and longevity. A few aspects from conventional methods is also outlined. Two charts are shown for all the 215 horoscopes illustrated. One is the basic chart as generated by the horoscope programs. Another is the chart generated from the basic one that gives planetary positions after 30 years. In this way, it explains the rules of planetary retrogression, progression and exchange without any ambiguity. Emphasis has been laid on the signification aspects of planets as outlined by the well known astrologer Prof. JN Bhasin. Many horoscopes are explained using this powerful tool which aids in interpreting even highly complex horoscopes. Many astrologers do not talk about significations explicitly. All the horoscopes use Prof. BV Raman?s Ayanamsa as the author has found that Raman's Ayanamsa gives better results than other Ayanamsas. Most of the horoscopes discussed is from the author?s diary. The data for few horoscopes have been obtained from A few horoscopes has been discussed from old Tamil texts. 10 Rules of Naadi Astrology The author has made a sincere attempt to show what can be predicted and to what extent things can be predicted from Astrology. The method based on Naadi system of prediction explained in this book could be written as a computer program. Once a programme is in place, the extent and accuracy of prediction can be verified. Till date, there is no predictive programme for Astrology which takes into account all the factors and makes a prediction. This is because of the methods involved. The conventional methods sometimes are not rigorous in their approach. For example, if prediction cannot be made on the basis of the Rasi chart, astrologers switch to Navamsa chart. If that fails, then it is Sapthamsa, Dasamsa, Dwadasamsa and so on. Most of the so called,? Computer Predictions?, just read from what has been listed for a particular combination. For example, if Moon is in Aries, they will print out the features of Moon in Aries; if a Jupiter-Moon combination exists then whatever that is listed for such a combination will be given as the output. One cannot write a Computer Program based on such approaches. However, Naadi system, definitely, outlines an Algorithm for prediction. An interactive program can definitely work out to be better for prediction. Statistical analysis of the data will also help to make the programme more rigorous to yield better accuracy. The author does not claim that this book will solve all the problems of Astrology. This book is an inspirational work of the author who has tried hard to present a case for astrology. The essence of the book is to show that planets exert greater, ?Force?, on human beings and their lives (probably on all living beings) to direct them to lead a better life. The subject of Astrology cannot be ignored by brandishng it as a ,?Supersition?. Planets, favour, help, support, punish, destroy, make one enjoy, make happier, feel satisfied and contended. Every person should learn Astrology to know one?s SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and get prepared.