Himani Vashishta is practically a writer since the day she lifted her first pencil, but only a few years back she started publishing. From a very tender age, Himani has been inclined to write poetry and short stories. Her passion for fantasies developed a flair for writing a fiction. Her first poem was published in book “Blossom Of India” through a poetry competition held by ‘Poet Of Mars’ an American Poetry Society but Himani is known for her Fantasy novel “Princess Of Falcons” which brought huge applause to her. Her recent work is an Occult non-fiction, "Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience and Lucid Dreaming". She equally writes in both English and Hindi languages. Her Hindi essay ‘Dukh’ has been published in book ‘Anand’ and two Poetry books ‘Garden Of Love’ and ‘Let Him Play The Music Again’ are published online. She is also chief editor of two international poetry collection books, “Fiesta of Love,” “Moods and Moments.”  In year 2013 she got published in the book “Acerbic Anthology”, which is a powerful and timely anthology of voices standing in unity against the ongoing senseless shame of our world's harmful gender violence against women and rape. In year 2013 she has been awarded “Patanjali Award” for her contribution in writing field. 

Born in (Bikaner) Rajasthan on 12th December, Himani Vashishta is single, settled in Delhi and shares a home base in Mahendergarh (Haryana) with her parents and other family. She has travelled far and wide, which has given her subtle cultural insight. 

She comes from an Indian family that takes pride in being part of a rich cultural heritage and traditions, now entwined with modern day living. She is a descendent of a long line of ancestors who have been appreciated mainly for their scholastic attainments.
Being a Brahmin, she completely grew up in Vedic Hindu culture but as she hit twenty’s, she began to really question her beliefs. This quest for a true relationship with God, and not just a "spoon fed" religion, has set her on an ongoing spiritual quest. 

Her life’s story is built upon the sacrifice and kindness of her family and their steadfast compassion for humanity which they serve, the same thing she is trying to do. She hopes to bring a radical change in society and serve others in their needs. That's her mission!  She has got a long way still to go. By the God's grace, she hopes to find her own path on the trail blazed by the footsteps of her spiritual gurus, and all the holy spirits she most admires. 

She has done MBA, LLB & MA (Psychology) and currently pursuing PhD in Psychology. She is a spiritual healer, naturopath, alternative medicine expert and at present running a Holistic Healing Center.  The author is a keen lover of art, won several prizes in painting, cartooning and acting. She has varied interest ranging from gardening, origami, occult sciences and astrology to blogging
The writer loves to get feedback from her readers; she can be contacted