Desire (English)

Desire  (Hardcover) Price: Rs. 200
The book on one hand will quench the spiritual thirst and on the other hand it will ignite urge for spiritual need. It is going to give impetus to both spiritual urge and search. In today?s world people are living in stress and distress. They really require spiritual stimulation to relieve them from this pain by making them inclined toward spirituality. I am hopeful that this book will do the needful service to the society. Beside this, what I find is that our youth are living under constant pressure on one hand, they are struggling for survival and on the other hand trying to compete with the fast changing and growing competition. This book will not only pull their attraction but it will also give them new meaning, approach and fresh focus with spiritual coating to manage all such challenges. It will also make them able and capable to lead a purposeful life. I also feel that this book will shift their attitude and help them in developing a taste for meditation. This will be first step towards self realization. Since this book is in poetic form, everyone will enjoy reading it. This book also briefly touches the social and political aspect of our life.

ISBN-13  9789380820750