Good Governance Through E- Governance (English)

Good Governance Through E- Governance (English) (Hardcover) Price: Rs. 950

Good governance is a function of installation of positive virtues of administration and elimination of vices or dys-functionality. E-governance is the application of information and communication technology for governance. This book gives twenty- five e-governance initiatives of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. The collection includes all major categories of e-governance initiatives namely: government to citizen, government to business, government to government and government to employee. These together show the effectiveness of e-governance in achieving the objectives of good governance. Two more initiatives, e-seva of Andhra Pradesh and friends of Kerala have been discussed in detail, empirically surveyed, statistically analyzed and comparatively evaluated. The contents in this book are primarily based on the author’s research work that stretched for about three years between 2008 and 2011. Minor editing/updating and a few additions were done in January 2013 to ensure that latest changes are available to the academicians and administrators of e-governance in the country. Comparative case study method, as applied in this research, brings forward a new dimension to evaluate e-governance initiatives. Chapter viii deals with statistical analysis of the comparison and presents the findings through box-plots. The findings of the study also give some thought provoking ideas which include the limitations of public private partnership. The study suggests public partnership and/or public corporation as an alternative. Good governance and e-governance being relatively new areas of study, the concepts have been introduced and dealt with in detail in separate chapters. This book will be of interest to students, academicians, researchers and practitioners of public administration. It will also be very useful for students enrolled in university programs dealing with ict/e-governance, public policy, development studies and management.

PublisherVL Media Solutions
Number of Pages395 Pages
Publication Year2013