I Still Crave For Him (Was it worth dying for an immortal?)

Passion and seduction, warriors and witches, and a royal medieval history combine to bring a spellbinding paranormal love story of a Vampire and an ordinary girl. Shreya leads an average life and her world is as average as it gets. Her life takes a twisted turn when she meets a foreigner stranger, George, during her college trip to Goa. Something about George leaves her enchanted and mesmerized and she couldn't help it, but fall unconditionally in one sided love with him. After the Goa trip of her college, George vanished out of her life as fast as he had appeared in it. Trying arduously either to find him or forget him, she almost lost her sanity. But as fate conspired, they met each other though in unfavorable circumstances. She won George's love for her and got herself so much blinded in his love that she chose to ignore the George monstrous truth when he revealed himself to be a Vampire. But this isn't the only secret in the store. Her Past has risen before her like a Phoenix and now she cannot choose to run away from it. Will George lead her the way?? Follow Shreya in her quest to find the truth, which glimpses she has seen in her dreams. And feel her angst and agony as she finds out the real truth about George, more frightening than being a Vampire. Watch Shreya treading the path unknown and making her journey filled with fear, love, lust and loss. Encounter every moment like it's your own.