Environment,Irrigation and development

With the progression of society, it is becoming obvious that the areas of environment, irrigation and development of Nation are more and more interrelated and to a great extent mutually dependent. The necessity to learn the boundary in these areas appears from a number of factors. As there will be pollution from agricultural activity the challenge should be how to reduce the pollution. Again, because of huge extraction of ground water for irrigation purposes, depletion of ground water and release of heavy metals are the natural consequences. There are States in India where legislations can be found for the establishment and regulations of Water Users Associations (WUA). The irrigation can be best organized by involving the grass root people who use the water for irrigation through the model of WUA. River water pollution is cropping up like the growing up of mushrooms because of haphazard and unplanned industrializations. Another are who is suffering a lot is the wild life conservation and protection. Various amendments were made to the existing laws governing the subject matter, however, with few ineffective teeth. The innumerable environmental issues, agricultural progress because of development provide abundant range of academic exploration. This book is a collection of articles contributed by author, meant for addressing an extensive gamut of environmental issues along with irrigation and development. The principle behind the wide topical subject of the book is to cover as assorted series of issues as possible, and to encourage the readers to research on their individual areas of interest. The topics sheltered in this book range from dyeing and Bleaching Industries and River Water Pollution; amendment of Section 50 of the Wild Life (Protection) Act; manufacturing Project at the River Bank and necessary to conduct Environment Impact Assessment; is notification for levy of fees for testing bio-medical samples ultra vires of the Environment (protection) Act to Water User's association and its legal stand. The author hopes that this publication will produce awareness in Environment, Irrigation and Development Environment, Irrigation And Development 4 academic research in the field of environmental law associated with irrigation and development and will give confidence to future researchers to contribute in these disciplines. The rationale behind this publication will also take delivery of execution when the themes enclosed in this book offer practical starting points for more research and analysis.

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Number of Pages394 Pages
Publication Year2012