Profile of Teacher Educators

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The area of Teacher Education still requires continuous exploration and comprehensive research as the area is growing day by day .It constantly needs revamping and reorganization as per the need and requisite of the galloping advancements and changes occurring in the socio-cultural society and urgency in bringing the modifications in teaching learning process as per emerging knowledge contours. Now teacher is looked as a guide, philosopher and facilitator of student?s learning keeping aside the traditional picture of teacher as merely transmitter of knowledge and information. Responsibility of orienting the teachers in such a way so as to enable them to discharge their functions effectively lies on the shoulders of the teacher educators, as these are key persons who possess a strong leverage to improve school education. So to produce effective teachers, competent teacher educators are required who in turn through pre-service and in service teacher education will produce competent teachers. This book attempts to cater the needs and requisites of teachers, teacher educators, educational administrators and educational planners. The objective no doubt is strictly utilitarian and will serve a purpose in the field of education. It is a refreshing approach in taking the system of teacher education to a new horizon. It will also be profitably used by the task force engaged in the field of education and will generate critical thinking among them. While writing this book attempts have been made in arranging the matter systematically as per methodology .Care has been taken in making the readers understand the matter logically. Unnecessary explanations have been avoided for making it precise. The language used is easy and contains brevity.

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Publication Year2014