What’s in a Kiss??

Sometimes it just takes a moment to make your story... Arjun is in his early teens, joins college with lot of apprehensions. There he runs into flamboyant Zoya one day. Although coming from a conservative Muslim family, Zoya is the exact opposite. She is born to break rules and lives life freely. Arjun falls for her almost instantly and even tries to express his feelings to her. But Zoya ignores his feelings and claims that they are nothing more than 'besties'. Arjun makes himself believe that and moves on in his life and that's when Meera, a simple yet beautiful girl happens to him. They fall in love and share a perfect bond. Just when things all seem to be perfect with Arjun an unexpected twist happens between them just because of a kiss. His life gets disrupted suddenly due to that situation and his life comes to a standstill. Will Zoya ever come to know why Arjun goes away from her suddenly? Will Meera lose her belief in true love ? And was there no love between Arjun and Zoya? Arjun gets all his answers one day and that's when he looks back at life and smiles at the moment when he had thought, "WHAT'S IN A KISS...!?!?!" What's in a Kiss is a true story which will make you realise the power of unconditional love.

Specifications of What’s in a Kiss?? (English) (Paperback)

Book Details
PublisherVL Media Solutions

Number of Pages249 Pages
Publication Year2015
Weight300 g
Height8 inch
Width5 inch
Depth1 inch