2 Strangers in a Chat Room (english, Paperback, Soma Mohapatra)

One young adorable Indian lady who just overcame her personal scuffles... One America in his 70s who is married and has not yet forgotten his childhood sweetheart... Both are strangers to each other and coincidentally meet in a chat room to develop a strong bond of friendship... When the lady sees a father in the man, does the man also sees a daughter in the lady while encroaching her private realm often? As the story unfolds, the personal peculiarities and regional differences shows up... 2 Strangers in a Chat is an offbeat novel that does not flinch away from talking up taboo points. The novel is based on an electronic chat among two matured people who goes on to discuss intimate topics sometimes brazenly and sometimes cerebrally. The novel grips you throughout and is a nice change from regular read. A well thought out plot vividly put together into a fluid conversation going from one theme to another seamlessly. 2 Strangers in a Chat Room by a budding author Soma Mohapatra aptly brings forth the modern way of socialisation, electronic chat in a very unconventional dramatic manner.