India: At The Cross Road (English, Paperback, Vijay Kumar)

This book looks at the holistic picture of india. It suggests many practical ideas and solutions to overcome its rural challenges. These suggestions and recommendations are within india?s economic means. The most essential need in india is to generate jobs, especially in rural locations, and to move forward at a faster pace. India should attack rural poverty simultaneously from many sides. There is a need for creation of new towns in hubs of villages with inbuilt potential to grow. India needs new towns in rural areas, with a little seed money from the central government, and leaving the rest of the development to the private sector. If we do not improve the economic condition of rural india, slums will keep on increasing in big cities. Rural people come to big cities in search of jobs. Demographic changes could have positive effects on india. Demographic shift and education have a huge impact on economic performance, as younger workers are more energetic and more open to new technology.