Materials Management With Special Reference to NE Railway (English, Hardcover, Raj Bahadur Dr. Dinesh Prasad)

This book Materials Management: With Special Reference to NE Railway in its first edition highlights the real techniques of Materials Management which are in practice in NE Railway. The present book has been undertaken with a view to assessing the effectiveness of materials management in NE Railway. The present study centers on the following specific objectives: (i) Efficiency in materials planning. (ii) Purchasing effectiveness. (iii) Study of Inventory control with special reference to ABC Analysis, Turnover Ratio and Scrap Disposals The book is divided into six chapters. The first chapter begins with an analysis of the introduction of Materials Management. The second chapter deals with the organizational structure of N.E. Railway and its profile. In third chapter conceptual framework of materials management, in forth chapter analysis of materials management practices in N.E. Railway with special reference to materials planning and purchasing is explained. Fifth chapter contains materials issues, ABC analysis, Turnover Ratio and disposal of scrape and sixth chapter contains summary of the findings and offer suggestions for better materials management in N.E. Railway.