Perspectives and Perceptions on Academic Writing and Citations (english, Hardcover, Vinod Kumar Kanvaria)

The current book Perspectives on Academic Writing and Citations is consisted of three parts. All the three parts are distinct in their nature and type of issues included therein. The first part involves a brief introduction about academic writing and citations and various perspectives for this. The author introduces about academic writing and tries to throw light upon the main features which makes it different from simple and layman’s writing. This includes not only what, why and how of academic writing but also what is the possible international code of conduct and ethics while creating an academic writing. The second part consists of the chapters by various academicians that witness their perspectives and perceptions about academic writing and citations. There are chapters which are written by academics with long teaching, learning and writing experience belonging to different sectors of academic field. The third part of this book shares an empirical study especially meant for the current assignment. The chapter shares output of an opinionnaire, which was developed on academic writing and citations.