Democracy And Development A Case Study of Zambia Since Independence Hardcover – 2017

Product description

The book,' Democracy and Development: A Case Study of Zambia Since Independence' is a doctoral work of Dr .Satya Prakash Singh.It is divided into five chapters. The first chapter deals with the theoretical and practical aspects of democracy. In chapter 2 an attempt has been made to evaluate and analyse the concept and philosophy of development. It also includes the experiences of the best performing countries of the world .Chapter 3 attempts to discuss about the relationship between political democracy and socio- economic development . Chapter 4 is based on the case study of Zambia. Apart from discussing structural,functional and practical problems of democracy and development, the chapter also attempts to analyse practices,opportunities and constraints in political and economic sphere.Concluding remarks have been made in chapter 5,which attempts to find some observations and findings through the discussion in the previous chapters.